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Uff'da's Remarkable Heart

Uff'da is a remarkably loving and affectionate dog. She is everything we could dream of for a family companion dog. Fondly known as 'Toots', Uff'da is talkative, playful, and ready for any adventure. She is wonderful with children, extremely biddable and easy to train, and very sensitive to and in-tune with her handler. 

Uff'da has very high food drive and will work tirelessly for her kibble. She has medium herding drives and has been very helpful in moving our ducks around. She responds well to direction and has good instinct. She is social with unfamiliar people and dogs, calm and confident in new environments.

Uff'da is the dam to our A and B litters and does not currently have any future litters planned with us.

D.O.B  03/25/2020

Embark Results

Uff'da: Females
Uff'da: Pro Gallery
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