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Hash Rosin Runt

Rosin is the inspiration for our breeding program. His loyalty, intelligence, drives, and sociability are true to what a Pembroke Corgi should be.

Rosin loves to fetch, hike off-leash, go on road trips, and is an all around 'take me everywhere' dog. He is neutral to unfamiliar people and dogs, has medium food drive, and medium herding drive. He is very biddable and easy to train.

Rosin is the sire for our A and B Litters and has produced some wonderful pups, 2 of which have stayed with us in hopes of being part of our breeding program in the future after training and titling. We do not currently have any future litters planned from him as his health testing is less than we desire for the program moving forward. He has been a wonderful building block for our program, passing many of his desirable qualities to his offspring including quality conformation and temperaments.

D.O.B: 08/12/2019

Embark Results

Rosin: Males
Rosin: Pro Gallery
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