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Hello Camp Corgis fans! While we may decide to produce more wonderful corgis in the future, at this time we have decided to put our breeding plans on hold. Our family has many irons in the fire, including our matriarch attending college for her associates degree. 

We are currently searching for forever placements for our females Rayla & Otter. View their pages for additional information.


CC Amaya

Rayla stayed back with us as pick of the litter with hopes of joining our breeding program. Rayla is sensitive, playful, and affectionate. She is social to dogs and people but can be a bit shy when she first meets someone new.
Rayla is currently searching for her forever home.

More about Rayla


CC Angela

Otter is from our A litter and has stayed back with us in hopes of joining our program after training and titling. Otter is a people oriented dog. She is confident, energetic, and loving.
Otter is currently searching for her forever home. We would like to place otter in a co-own home or foster-to-adopt agreement.

More about Otter


Hash Rosin Runt

Rosin is the inspiration of our breeding program and the sire to our A and B litters.



Uff'da's Remarkable Heart

Uff'da is the dam to our A and B litters. She is an exceptionally loving, affectionate, handler focused dog.



Vicious Vulpes

Ginger is extremely social and playful. She has high prey and herding drives, she loves to work and be active.
Ginger will alaways be a part of our pack but has gone to live in her forever home!

Our Dogs: Available Pets
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