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An Ethical Dog Breeder

At Camp Corgis, our top priority is to produce healthy, loving, active companions with stable temperaments and good conformation. All of our dogs are health tested and live with our family in our home, not a kennel. Our pups are our legacy and our commitment to them is lifelong. Each family that welcomes one of our puppies becomes a member of the Camp Corgi pack and will receive support and advice from us throughout their pets lifetime. All Camp Corgis are loved and wanted, there will always be a space for them in our home. At any point for any reason, you can return your Camp Corgi for a partial refund.

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Breeding away from hereditary ailments

All of our dogs get full genetic health panels done prior to being cleared for breeding so we can make educated decisions when planning our litters and continue working towards producing the healthiest pets possible. 
We strive to breed the best animals we can, educate their new owners and ensure these precious creatures get the love, care and attention they deserve. Contact us to find out more about our methods and philosophy.

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The original role of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi was that of a multipurpose farm dog capable of moving livestock and eradicating vermin on the farm.
All of our Corgis are tested around livestock and show good herding instinct and drive to work. 
We also train and compete in Barn-hunt, a dog sport designed to test the vermin hunting and scent detection ability of dogs. 
We highly recommend that all Corgi owners consider dog sports, be it barn-hunt, herding, agility, or others, as a means of exercise, stimulation, and fulfillment of a dogs natural drives. Exercise, mental stimulation, and discipline are the key to a content and well-balanced pet.

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Camp Corgis is run by Audra & Gregory Camp, a husband and wife team with a passion for dogs, especially corgis.

Audra is a professional dog trainer and has been working with animals her entire life. In her youth, she ran a pet sitting business specializing in exotic animals, farm care, and special needs dogs. In addition to their corgis, Audra has a 5 year old German Shepherd whom she trains and competes with in the dog sport Schutzhund, a rigorous training and temperament test designed for German shepherds.

Audra and Gregory met while living in the southern United States, both having grown up on farms. They moved to California for Gregory to attend school. City life prompted the young couple to consider smaller breeds and the Corgi fit very well with their active life-style and love for dog inclusive travel. They purchased their stud, Rosin, in 2019 and he inspired the Camp Corgis dream and has matured into a wonderful example of all a Pembroke Welsh Corgi can be.

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